Call for Papers

The Fifth IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP) 2013
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
April 19-21, 2013


Important Dates
  • Paper Submission: December 12, 2012
  • Supplementary Material Submission: December 19, 2012
  • Paper Decisions: February 12, 2013
ICCP 2013 seeks high quality submissions in all areas related to computational photography.  We welcome all submissions that introduce new ideas to the field including, but not limited to, those in the following areas:
  • Computational cameras
  • Computational illumination
  • Computational optics (wavefront coding, compressive optical sensing, digital holography, ...)
  • High-performance imaging (high-speed, hyper-spectral, high-dynamic range, thermal, confocal, ...).
  • Multiple images and camera arrays
  • Sensor and illumination hardware
  • Scientific imaging and videography
  • Advanced image processing
  • Organizing and exploiting photo/video collections
In addition to papers, ICCP 2013 will have submission paths for talks, posters, and demos.

Program Chairs
David Boas, Harvard University
Sylvain Paris, Adobe
Shmuel Peleg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Todd Zickler, Harvard University

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